How Ministry Realty Got its Start

Ministry Realty is a unique concept. Churches and ministries, traditionally, have always worked with secular real estate agencies. Unfortunately, not all realtors understand the complexity of a church acquiring a building to worship in. Our story’s beginning involves two Christians who were equipped for ministry and real estate in different ways long before Ministry Realty started. 

Jeff Wolfe

Jeff had a construction background and during his studies at Southwestern, framed houses for a living. He went through Palmcroft Church’s internship program and because of his skill set, was a part of their maintenance and facilities team. Twenty years later, he’s serving as a pastor there. He’s seen every aspect to what goes on in a church — cleaning bathrooms, preaching, youth, administration, education, etc. It’s given him a well-rounded look at the local church, but he’s also gotten involved in ministry work. His association owns Prescott Pines, where many Arizona youth groups hold camps. He’s gotten involved in church plants and even church recovery, which is when a church has drifted or gone off track. 

So when he got into residential real estate in 2018, doors were opening up for him left and right. It felt like his words were coming together and the idea of Ministry Realty was starting to form. He didn’t have commercial experience yet, which is how he got in touch with Melissa.

Melissa (Missy) Parks

Missy grew up in church with Jeff. She was saved at five years old and grew into her faith in her college years. While she’s never been in ministry vocationally, she and her husband have served in youth and currently in the college ministry. Seeing her husband on the deacon board and involved in nonprofits, plus her father doing commercial real estate showed Missy how ministry and business often intersects. 

Missy, however, wasn’t a realtor. She was a physicians assistant, looking to transition out of her career. And a phone call with Jeff on the beach helped her do just that. Jeff realized they both would need commercial real estate training from Missy’s father. She got her license, and it was incredible to see it all coming together. 

Jeff has been amazed at how Missy retains knowledge about things that might take him longer to figure out. His experience balances her ability to learn quickly, and what’s beautiful is that they both love people and have a heart for God’s kingdom. Their desire is for the local church and gospel centered ministries, which is why so much of what they do is consulting and finding out what a church actually needs, because it may not be a building at all. The Lord has called Jeff and Missy to serve, and they’re answering that call, one ministry at a time. 

Team Lead

Melissa Parks

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