A 20 year Journey to a Church Home

Palmcroft Anthem was a different church 20 years ago. It was started off in a new community in north Phoenix. At the time, it was called Arizona Hills. Its mission was to transform the local community from the inside out. In the early years, the church made a commitment to not be in a permanent building. This was by design but it was also perpetuated for the long term because of the limitations of land and the availability of buildings in the unique area that it was in.

The church began in an elementary school and met there for many years. In the early days, the concept of mobile church was very attractive and provided a lot of great volunteer opportunities. But over time, the fatigue of this type of ministry began to wear on members. There was an opportunity to move from the elementary school into a high school. The high school had a performing arts center and ample space for classrooms. It provided a great solution for the church’s next step. However, it still wasn’t home.

Multiple search committees formed, and there were hours upon hours of meetings trying to determine if there was a way to have a permanent facility. There were many opportunities presented but the limitations within the community, the costs, and even the availability of space made it feel impossible. The church pressed on. There was a vacant building in a central area of the community. No one had ever moved into it, and the facility was very nice. But the cost was too high and the church knew it would never be possible to move into a space like this. But the church started praying.

Over two decades, there were men and women who prayed this building would be a place for future ministry of this church. As time went on, there was an opportunity for Arizona Hills and another church, Palmcroft, to team up and dream about the future of ministry together in this unique area. The decision was made to merge Arizona Hills into Palmcroft. Even while all of this is happening that building was still vacant, people had been praying. “What might God do here?” was a question many were asking.

Ministry Realty had a unique relationship with both of these churches. The team looked at the building, looked at the history, and really thought about the future together. Through a lot of planning and strategy, they were able to launch the next step of their church phase in the very building they had been praying over all of these years. What they thought was impossible became possible. It became possible because of their faith, the Lord’s provision, and the unique partnership they had with Ministry Realty.

When I look at the journey we’ve been on over all these years, and the way God has provided in the unique partners that we had along the way, I am amazed. The very place that we thought was impossible is now the place we hold church every week. Sunday, small groups, youth, VBS … this is now a place for us to serve our entire community in ways we never thought we’d be able to. I’m so grateful for the relationship we have with Palmcroft and Ministry Realty. The hearts behind this team want to see ministries grow.

-Randy Williams, Pastor of Palmcroft Anthem

If your church or ministry is looking for a new building, please reach out. We’d love to to go on this journey with you.

Team Lead

Melissa Parks

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